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Amazon Bestseller #1 Car LED Lights Category - Govee Interior Car lights

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Amazon automotive accessories category Top 1

1st - Govee Interior Car Lights


  • 2-line design: boasts 2 lines connecting 4 strip lights

  • Longer wires, suitable for any model

  • 2 control methods: change the color, brightness and music mode via app and controller

  • Music sensor: with built-in mic, the strip lights change colors following the music rhythm

  • Muti-colors: customize your own color modes to enhancement for upgrading your car.

  • Easy to Use: easier for you to set up with provided adhesive and clips

Interior Car Lights: Govee VS Others

Unlike traditional 4 strips of lights, Govee upgraded light features 2 lines connecting with 4 strip lights. User-friendly design makes setup easier. Easily hidden cables offer you a clean, tidy car.

You can customize the color with more than 16 millions different choices and can even control the brightness from 1% to 100%. So that we can have out own colors and mood depending on our feelings and moods. Experience and express your colors.

  • Govee is long enough for various cars.

  • Do not worry about the shortness!

  • Simple controller

  • easy to turn ON/OFF

  • 9 colors be looped control

  • Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, the colors will sync with musics or sound captured from mic.

Easy & nondestructive installation

Do not destroy your car anymore. You have to think about the resell. All the parts and components are included.

  • Car LED strip Lights

  • Cable tie

  • Screws

  • The ON/OFF button

* Clean the place and paste the controller.

* You can fix the lines by 3M tape, screws and cable ties.

Buy at Amazon right now, click below or here.

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